History Sessions in YOUR School!

We offer visits to your school on a variety of exciting historical themes, putting your pupils through a packed session of interactive learning experiences.

The emphasis at all times is upon engaging pupils and getting them to 'do.' In all sessions the time will fly by as your pupils become totally absorbed in a fast paced event with fun thrown in for free!

Session formats and timings (very flexible!)

Single classes the session is normally classroom based and lasts a morning, or for several sessions there is the option of a whole day.

Two or more classes in a day normally have an individual session with each class based in one classroom for the day with the classes swapping over, plus often a lively joint element with all the classes in the hall together.



Thorough arrangements have been put in place to ensure proper compliance with social distancing requirements including: Discussing using halls rather then classrooms; adapting sessions' contents and delivery techniques; proper sanitisation of participants and equipment; confirming ventilation levels etc.

These measures will be discussed and agreed with a school as part of the booking process.


Please have a look further into this website for sessions that may interest you.

Sessions are listed under the headings of: 

Key Stage 2 

Key Stage 1

Please note that many of these in both categories are perfectly suitable for either Key Stage, with a little modification to make them more age appropriate.

These lists are quite long because in 16 years of work, schools have requested us for topics tailored to their own needs. So, if there is something you would like not listed above, please let us know; We may be able to help you, we always like a challenge as it keeps us fresh! 

Victrix is a husband and wife team, Stephen and Joelle. Stephen carries out the school visits and Joelle carries out the adminstration. We are based in Chelmsford, Essex and work mainly with schools within Essex, East London, North-East London, South East London, Kent, Suffolk and Hertfordshire. 

Every school is different and so,  from an initial enquiry, we seek to establish the best possible options of format and timings to give the school a great experience. Once a booking is taken a formal confirmation is given along with the invoice, which is payable within 28 days after the day of the visit.

Nearer the date of the visit further contact will be made with the school to confirm some routine final arrangements and that everything is place to ensure a smooth set up and a truly memorable day for the pupils.

Victrix has public liability insurance cover of £10,000,000 and Stephen and Joelle have Enhanced DBS certificates which are renewed annually.

We hope that you like what we offer and please contact us if you would like further details on any of our sessions!


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