Key Stage 2 Sessions

Key Stage 2 Sessions

I. Mentioned within the current National Curriculum

1.    Romans 

2.    Stone Age to Iron Age Britain 

3.    Greeks 

4.    Vikings and/or  Saxons

5.    Egyptians 

6.   World War Two - The Blitz and the Battle of Britain

7.   Mayans and/or Aztecs

8.    Celts

9.    Crime and punishment

10.  Indus Valley    

II. Others from the previous National Curriculum still used by schools

1.  Henry VIII and the Tudors

2.  Tudor Explorers

3.  Victorians - Industrial revolution including the coming of the railways

4.  Victorians - Great Victorian lives

III. Sessions commissioned as "one-offs" and still available

1. World War One

2. Witches and Witchfinders in 17th Century England

3. The Normans

4.  Black history

5.  Plague and the Black Death

6. Trade and conflict

7.  Space and space flight 

8.  English Civil War

9.  Britain since 1948

10.  14th century England

11.  The Wars of the Roses

12.  Georgian military history (Nelson and Wellington)

13.  Latin language

14.  Australian history

15.  Famous women in history


IV. Interactive Storytelling

1.  Storytelling of Stevenson's "Treasure Island"

2.  Storytelling of Tolkien's "The Hobbit"

3.  Storytelling of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"

4.  Storytelling of a selection of Shakespeare's plays

5.  Roald Dahl story narration


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